New Trip

Since istockphoto_7518768-michigan-road-signmy Great American Road Trip was a no-go because of funding, I have decided that an upper Michigan leaf tour will happen in it’s place.  Probably late September, early October.  I am going to start the research soon, but it will most likely consist of the ring and pinky finger (you Michiganders know what I’m talkin’ about) and if at all possible, I would LOVE to make it to the UP.  We’ll see how much time (aka $$) I can afford to spend by then.  I will have my infrared camera by then, too.  It’s so pretty all around that area, I think that I will be able to come back with a hard drives worth of photos.

Once I have more info, I’ll try to put up a route page.

If you have any suggestions on specific places I should, let me know!  I would love some suggestions.