DSC_0010 (2)I went up to Michigan to print my photos for the gallery hop this week.  Got a little more than 20 done, which I am happy about.  I will have some mats remaining so I can mat some last-minute photos if I have any good ones from my up-north Michigan trip.

I took two mini photo trips while in Michigan:  One to Cranbrook Gardens and one to St. Clair.

The first was to Cranbrook, where the gardens are very pretty.  I took my Nikon D300 with a borrowed fisheye lens and my infrared.  The fisheye was fun!  I also had a micro lens with me, but I was having so much fun with the fisheye, I didn’t even change it out.


The second stop was St. Clair, MI which is about halfway between Harrison Township and Port Huron, not far away at all and it was so pretty!  The blue water in this photo is not Photoshopped at all.  It was very pretty.

DSC_0068 (2)

I tried taking some people photos with the infrared, definitely different.  I don’t think that I am going to do any color editing with them, but black and white might be interesting.  It makes your skin very smooth, which is nice, but definitely does change your cotton clothing colors, since they are organic after all.  As you can see:  I had a black shirt and dark blue jeans and black shoes on in this photo.

I also got some really neat infrared.  I am still learning, little by little.  I’ve found that the depth perception you get in color and even black and white is totally knocked out with the infrared since the color and shadow differentials are knocked out when the leaves all turn white, so you have to be a lot more careful about what you are shooting and what is in the background.  You may have a really cool tree, but if there are a bunch of similar trees, even if they are 300 or 500 feet in the background, they may wash it out, depending on the light.  But I am starting to get some good photos and learning how to edit them as well.
It works well – where color photos are better in soft light of early morning and sunset, I think that infrared is better in the harsh light of bright sun – and some puffy or wispy clouds are always good as you can see.
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