Michigan, the aftermath

NSN_1546_2Phew.  That’s a lot of driving.  But it was for the most part successful.  Except for the dust and lint that ruined about 60% of my photos.  But I won’t get into that.  Here’s a sample of sunset in Munising, MI, in the U.P.  Let me tell you right now – if you have never been to the Upper Peninsula, it is beautiful, but whoa.  They could film survivor up there!  One word that comes to mind is desolate.

Three things that I confirmed on my Michigan trip:

1.  I am not ever meant to live in a small town.  E.V.E.R.

2.  Wilderness is scary.

3.  SUV’s are evil and shouldn’t be on the road.  People, 90% of you don’t need a huge car.  Stop buying them.  They are annoying and aren’t good for the environment and none of the cars behind you can see a darn thing.  You suck.

Click this link to go to my flickr site to view a bunch of photos.

I will update the blog with some detailed information soon because there are some more things I will explain!