A Last Tour of Indianapolis

I went downtown with my friend Kathi who was testing out her new camera tonight.  It allowed me to do a last photo tour of downtown Indianapolis before the move.  I lucked into one of my favorite photos ever!!

I had my camera set up on a big tub of dirt that will eventually hold flowers, but at the moment was acting as my tripod since mine is broken.  I was using the timer so I didn’t shake the camera when I pressed the button to take the photo and was too lazy to switch the timer from 10 seconds to 2 seconds, so alas, was waiting 10 seconds for each shot.  Lo and behold, this turned out to be a good decision.  As I had already depressed the timer, a horse and carriage (they are all over downtown) walked into my shot.  I should preface that there was a fountain just to the left of me that apparently the horses stop at to drink.  The back of the carriage just made it into the back of my photo, and what a happy surprise when I looked at the result.

I got some other photos as well – I used the infrared camera before dinner and broke out the color after dinner for the night photos.  I love the extra hour of light!  High five for daylight savings time!

Click the photo to the left or HERE to go to my flickr site to see all the photos.

Also…stay tuned for more photos coming soon.  And, as I mentioned before I am planning a photo trip (and friend visit – yay) to Washington, DC during National Cherry Blossom Festival, so I am excited to get some (hopefully) good snaps from that.