I was walking the mall in DC early in the morning (and for those of you ever planning on going to Washington, DC during the Cherry Festival – this is the time to go!  I was practically by myself, it was great).  I was so happy when I happened across this carousel.

I did a little research and found out that this carousel was built in 1947 and was originally located in Baltimore before it was moved to Washington in 1981.  There are 60 horses and this fancy dragon (which I really liked) a few sleighs (or sleds or whatever) and some kind of twirly thing that would make me barf if I got in it and twirled around for any amount of time, but hey, if that’s your thing – more power to you.

The carousel wasn’t open yet, so I was only able to shoot from outside of the gates and wasn’t able to get any motion, but on the flip side, I also didn’t have to dodge any people or gasp – children.  Eek.

I will definitely try to get more carousel photos in the future since I really liked the way these turned out.  After a while, though, I did feel like every horse was staring at me, so I still reserve my opinion that anything related to or remotely like a carnival is freaky-weird.  Could be all those Scooby-Doo episodes when I was little.

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