Copper Basket Update

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I haven’t been working on my basket as much as I should be…BUT progress was made regardless.

I only used the smaller wire at the beginning and then switched to a larger gauge because I decided to make a larger basket and the smaller wire just wouldn’t hold up.  You can see the change in wire if you look at the photo that shows the basket from the bottom.  You can also see that I haven’t decided what I am going to do with the bottom yet and it’s actually in a cone shape.  I can flatten it later, but I might leave it in a cone shape and make a little stand for it, too.  We’ll see.  I also haven’t decided on a final shape, but the basket kind of decides that for me.  If I try to force it in to a particular shape too much, bad things happen.  Right now it kind of looks like the bottom part of an onion. 🙂

There is a two-tone to the copper, but that is just the different strands of copper that I am using.  I will clean it up when I’m and it will be all shiny and pretty again.