More Beautiful Canada

I can’t wait to go back!

I guess I will wait until spring or summer so I can get the trees with leaves and some flowers. (and more sun!)

The photo below is of the moon setting as we were waiting for the sunrise at Herbert Lake.  It was pretty overcast that day, but the sun peeked through for about 10 minutes or so and lit up the top of the mountains in a nice bright pink.

As I am staring at this photo, it feels a little lopsided, so I might go back and change it a bit.  It’s a little heavy to the right and looks like it should tip that way.  So, it might change.  🙂  The photos aren’t great, but I learned a lot at the workshop, so I can improve as time goes on.

Click on the photo or here to see some more pics from the workshop I’ve uploaded to my flickr account.  There’s more to come (not many) but I haven’t posted my favorite yet!