Zion – Day 1

Day 1 in Zion started a little later than the rest since I wasn’t actually planning on leaving for the park until the next day.  But plans change and I got to the park a little after noon.  So after I closed my mouth from gaping at everything around me and how pretty and HUGE it all was, off I went on my new picture-taking quest.  I stopped once or twice before I actually got to the park, because hey, why not?

Infrared, black and white:

(c) 2011 Nicole Norris`

But where to start once I am in the park?  Zion makes it pretty easy.  There are two choices – take the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway scenic route (and consequently a huge tunnel that runs under a mountain that I realized I would rather not do, especially at 25 miles an hour) OR the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.  I chose the scenic drive, since this is where the trails are.

Since it was mid-march, I could drive my car through the scenic drive, but during the busy season, cars are not allowed and they run a shuttle to cut down on motor traffic and total mayhem. It’s a two-lane road throughout the park and with the amount of people going through the park on a daily basis, it wouldn’t be pretty.   All the shuttle stops are exactly where you want to go, though, so it’s not taking you out of the way or anything.

My first stop – Court of the Patriarchs.  This was a very so-so color image, but I like it in b&w.


(c) 2011 Nicole Norris

The moon made an appearance:

(c) 2011 Nicole Norris


The following two photos were taken along the Middle Emerald Pools and Kayenta Trails.  Emerald Pools Trail loops up and connects with a trail that gets you up above the landscape a little bit.  You can choose to continue to the upper falls trail or the Kayenta Trail, which is the trail I choose, (or do both).  The trails like these were great places to take photos.  The photo below is a partially modified version of an infrared photo taken from the Kayenta Trail.  I like how the water and greens came out in this photo.


(c) 2011 Nicole Norris



This photo was taking from the Kayenta Trail before it “turned a corner” to skirt along the side of the mountain for the rest of the trail.  There were two little pathways like this.

(c) 2011 Nicole Norris

That’s all for a busy day – until sundown.  Stay tuned for twilight photos and then night photos!

(c) 2011 Nicole Norris


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