New Outdoor Photography Show!


Yesterday I was contacted by The Weather Channel to see if I wanted to write a post on their new outdoor photography show on The Weather Channel – From The Edge with Peter Lik.  Um, yeah I’ll write a post about it!   It’s a great show for wanna-be photographers like me who are trying to soak up as much information possible, but can’t necessarily go to all of the workshops, tours or seminars out there.

I think that watching the pros in action is one of the best ways to learn the craft, and that is what this show is doing – while going to some really cool places.  (Hey, might help for research on where to go on the next trip…hmm)  Plus, good photography is really tied into the weather – the best sunrises and sunsets don’t come from cloudless skies.  What about those great storm cloud shots?  Are the wildflowers going to bloom this year?  Is it going to be a hazy day?  Dew in the morning?  You get the point.

Breathless  Death Valley, California - The dunes of Death Valley are amazing - etched with ripples of sand caused by the winds that rip through the area each night. I trekked across the desert to find the ultimate patterns and discovered this shot. It was breathtaking - I raced to set up my camera and capture the scene before me. I took position and using a low angle on the camera to really capture each ripple on the surface. Surrounded by the silence of the sand I decided to capture the image in black and white to bring a powerful, abstract feel to the image.

© Peter Lik

The show airs every Thursday at 8pm on The Weather Channel.  This week’s episode focuses on Death Valley which is of particular interest to me since I just spent some time there myself.  There is a double episode tonight with another at 8:30 on Glacier National Park in Montana (which is definitely on my list of places to go – and I know I need to go there sooner rather than later).  I am excited to see how Peter gets his shots, his travel gear, how and what camera gear he packs for hiking up dunes and in the canyons;  generally how the pros approach a project.

The Weather Channel sent me this little snip of info that gives a low-down of what the show is about:

The Weather Channel is launching a new reality TV show, “From the Edge with Peter Lik,” focusing on scenic outdoor photography. The show will follow Peter Lik, an Australian landscape photographer as he travels to places where weather continues to have a unique impact on the landscape. Every week, Lik will attempt to capture the essence of Mother Nature through his lens with his unique perspective, style, and skill. Throughout the thirteen episodes, Peter will photograph stunning landscapes across Hawaii, Alaska, Death Valley, Utah and other hidden gems off the map. We’ll see all his photographs and techniques along the way as he overcomes weather-related obstacles to find “the perfect shot.”

Premiere Date: March 31, 8pm, The Weather Channel, 13 episodes

They are also offering a weekly photo challenge through the From the Edge Facebook page.  Upload your photos and have your friends vote for their favorite.  Peter will pick a weekly winner and all weekly winners are eligible for the Grand Prize, an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas which includes some really cool extras.   



© Nicole Norris



Thank you to The Weather Channel for contacting me to write this and offering a link to their social media pages!