Anatomy of a Copper Basket

DSCF2264Another one of my projects is copper baskets.  (As you can see by the page above and the link here and to the right). Right now I am about halfway done with the largest one that I have ever made, and I thought that I would take some photos and show you my progress.  I am trying to get it done in time for the gallery hop.

DSCF2270I am entering the hardest part right now, as it is starting to go in, as in getting smaller as opposed to going out, which means that since metal is slippery, it doesn’t have anything to hold on to and therefore creates all kind of chaos.  So this might be the last you see of the basket before everything goes in the pooper.  I think that I have devised a system, though, where I can make it work and a nice basket will be the end result.

DSCF2271I am definitely looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the end.  Basically, when I do these baskets, I have a general idea of what I want them to look like, but they decide in the end what the final shape will be.  You kind of have to roll with how the metal behaves and let it mold itself.