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It’s been forever since I posted anything.  But I took a fantastic photo trip to Canada.  I am in the editing process now and will be posting photos soon!

Myrtle Beach

It stormed pretty much every day in Myrtle Beach, but the sun came out afterwards.  Here’s the end of the storm and the beginning of the nice weather.  The rainbow hung out over… Continue reading

Catching Up – Up North, Michigan

I have so many photos backlogged to catch up on, here are some photos from a trip I took Up North. I’ve uploaded some of these to my website and there are more… Continue reading

Carnival – I can’t stay away!

I can’t stay away from those darn carnivals that they have near my house.  This latest was on the grounds of a church nearby.  It was quite crowded.  I didn’t know it was… Continue reading

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